Get to know Our Brilliant Team

When it comes to developing bespoke software, no one has more passion than the team here at VTS. Led by tech gurus and entrepreneurs Michal Gizewski and Leszek Rogowski.

VTS is an industry leading software company on a mission.

Our mission?

We want to improve user experience and create truly outstanding bespoke software. Manchester is our base, but we create dynamic app designs, software and platforms for clients around the world.

Our team is driven by a desire to create purpose-built, smart software that makes life easier. We want to improve the way that companies (especially those in healthcare and finance) conduct their core business activities. How do we do that? By providing intuitive app design and mobile development to our clients at a reasonable price.

To learn more about our team and to find out about how we can help you with your software needs, call or email us today.

Meet Michal Gizewski

Prior to setting up VTS Michal was formerly the head of IT at a global health economics consultancy. He is also qualified project manager, and has a proven track record of leading complex software development projects for the blue chip companies through to successful delivery, on time and within budget.

As CEO, Michal is responsible for shaping VTS’s global strategy. Michal believes that a CEO is only as good as the relationship that they have with clients, because the supplier’s technology direction is ultimately driven by their needs. For Michal, that means spending as much time as possible working directly with clients.

He lives in a picturesque market town in the Peak District with his wife (also a health economics professional) and two young children. When he’s not working or being a hands-on father, Michal spends as much time as possible on his other project, rebuilding the family home.

Our team geek Leszek Rogowski

Our CTO Leszek is the company’s software development guru. He truly is the software development maestro. He has a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the Silesian University of Technology in Poland, and another Masters in Software Engineering from Cranfield University.

Leszek has worked as a software design and development professional since 2007. He brings specialist knowledge of valuable app development and bespoke software principles to the development process, resulting in significant improvements to software quality for users.

Leszek combines theoretical expertise with practical skills and experience. He has a deep understanding of user needs that he gained leading client development and implementation projects in the US, UK and across Europe.

Leszek is another expat Pole. Originally from Tarnowskie Gory, he now splits his time between Gliwice and Manchester. Ask him what he likes most about his new Northern home and he’ll say “the real ale.” When he’s not working, he trains martial arts, achieving 1st DAN in Aikido Aikikai and 1st DAN in Aikido Toho Iai.