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Bespoke Software Consulting Warehouse Management Systems Factory Performance Management Paperless Factory Web Development Mobile Development SharePoint Development Business Intelligence Software Development Team Extension Our goal is to help our clients create bespoke software solutions that work for them.

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Software Consultancy & Development

One of our core strengths at VTS is our ability to create powerful and easy to use applications for desktop, web and mobile. We are then able to fully integrate them into our clients’ existing set-up. We use only the most efficient development methods. This means that all of our solutions can be expanded, updated and modified over time to grow and change with the needs of your organisation.
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Factory / Production Performance Management

If you’re making a food product or a vehicle or whatever it may be, we can create a bespoke software to record data about machines and employee performance and produce a suite of KPIs. This allows the company to measure efficiency, productivity, equipment effectiveness, and record issues and losses such as waste of materials, down time, etc.

Web Development

The team at VTS is able to create responsive and dynamic Single Page Applications using modern web frameworks (Angular2 or ReactJS). This ensures that you and your clients have the best experience possible when navigating your site. Our designers use an innovative “mobile-first” approach, so you can always be sure that your application will have consistent functionality on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Simply put – no matter what device your clients are using, they will see and experience your site with ease.
We also specialise in server-side technologies, such as ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, and Node.js.
No matter what kind of site you are looking for, we are ready to create an outstanding website that will exceed your expectations. Our bespoke software and app designs run smoothly and most importantly – they impress your clients.

Windows & MacOS Development

At VTS, we have a lot of experience in developing large line-of-business applications for Windows using .NET technologies such as WPF and WinForms.
One of our biggest products is SRDB.PRO
We are not limited to using Windows platforms. We also have extensive experience creating native MacOS applications using the Xamarin platform.

Business Intelligence

Whether you have a small project or a huge amount of data, we can visualise it in a very sophisticated way. This includes preparing engaging and attractive reports that will load within seconds. In order to do this, we work with many different technologies, such as Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Analysis Services, Sisense, Qlik, and Tableau.

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Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

VTS specialises in building custom WMS or extending existing ones. We can automate the company’s handling of inbound inventory, including tracking individual containers and delivery vehicles, simplifying container checks, and improving the flow of goods into, within and out of the company’s warehouses. The WMS is usually the component of a larger project to automate the company’s entire product lifecycle management (“PLM”) systems. We integrate WMS with PLMs and ERPs.

Paperless Factory

When a company grows, the amount of Excels / Access databases responsible for different processes can be huge. It makes the processes inefficient and the probability of data loss significant, which can greatly impact the operation of the factory / company. We can adapt the existing Excel / Access processes into bespoke & integrated software applications with integrated reporting and Business Intelligence. Please get in touch to receive a sample factory dashboard created in Power BI.

Mobile Development

VTS is a leader in the field when it comes to developing applications for all major mobile platforms: iOS, Android, and Universal Windows Platform (Windows 10 Mobile).
We know that the design of your app is key when it comes to its success. Our designers will prepare different UI concepts for your consideration. We work with you every step of the way to develop an app that lives up to your creative vision.
We often use technologies that enable us to build cross-platform solutions with a shared code base and similar-to native performance, such as Xamarin or React Native. However, we’re not limited to these technologies, and we are always flexible and ready to utilise the best tools for your unique app.

SharePoint Development

SharePoint-based solutions can be key to the success of your firm. We are proud to be a Microsoft Silver Partner. We specialise in creating SharePoint Add-Ins, Sandbox Solutions, and Farm Solutions. If you have specialised needs or a unique idea, we are skilled and able to prepare custom sites with advanced workflows and triggers.

Software Development Team Extension

We understand that your in-house development team can get backlogged while trying to solve more complex issues. It is at these moments that our SpecOps consultants can come in handy and help you out of a bind.
VTS can join your team at any stage of the software development process. We are able to solve your issues remotely via a TeamViewer session. We are also happy to come to your premises if you prefer.
Our consultants never hesitate to take ownership of a particular problem, and we strive to solve it quickly and affordably. This saves your time valuable time and stress instead of puzzling over the best solution. Our SpecOps consultants will also provide your team with clear instructions on how to approach similar issues in the future. This will save your company valuable time and money.

We've worked on Interesting Projects

Whispering Smith

Industry: Warehouse Management System (WMS), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

The objective of the WMS project was to create a new suite of technology to automate the company’s handling of inbound inventory, including tracking individual containers and delivery vehicles, simplifying container checks, and improving the flow of goods into, within and out of the company’s warehouses.  The new WMS is one important component of a larger project to automate the company’s entire product lifecycle management (“PLM”) systems.  The new WMS would dramatically improve the company’s physical stock handling and data management which would help to facilitate further benefits in other areas such as invoicing, customer service and cost control.

Some advanced features of the WMS include:

  • Dealing with multiple stockholding locations for certain products.
  • Creating algorithms for the system to automatically allocate stock bays based on the type of stock, capacity in the warehouse, speed of stock usage etc,
  • Creating multiple algorithms to optimise route planning for warehouse operatives on picking and packing duties,
  • Designing a system to propagate strong wifi signals throughout the warehouse when this is affected by the density and location of stock,
  • The transition to hand-held devices for all stock transactions, such as booking in, moving between locations, picking and shipping.  The new software system had to be made compatible with the new hardware and legacy systems.


Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET Core, Windows Presentation Foundation, Visual FoxPro, Telerik Controls, Machine Learning

Datability 360

Industry: Factory Performance Management, Paperless Factory, Business Consultancy

Datability 360 is a sophisticated system that provides real-time insight into all aspects of an organisation. This includes availability, performance, quality, labour productivity and the overall effectiveness of every layer. The system that we created provides a rich set of reports through Power BI integration.


HTML5, LESS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, AngularJS, Telerik Kendo UI, C#, ASP.NET WebAPI, Microsoft SQL Server, Entity Framework, Microsoft Power BI

BMS Portal

Industry: Pharmaceutical

VTS created the Government Measures Portal,  an internal BMS information resource. This portal gives an overview of the key developments and initiatives undertaken by national governments and their agencies; regional and global institutions and organizations; and key stakeholders (NGOs, medical societies). These initiatives affect BMS business, BMS key products and the pharmaceutical industry at large. The portal’s geographical scope includes all countries where BMS is present, as well as distributor markets.


SharePoint Add-in (SharePoint-hosted), HTML5, LESS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, AngularJS, Telerik Kendo UI

NEPLAN Asset Manager

Industry: Software for electrical, gas, water and district heating grid networks

The NEPLAN Asset Management Tool answers the questions “what happens if…?” VTS helped to create this bespoke software in order to offer the outmost flexibility when modelling any system. It allows asset managers to evaluate each asset individually, and to define a medium and long-term asset strategy. This enables them to optimise  investment and maintenance planning, power supply reliability and much more.

Additional details

This fully customisable software has a modular concept and covers all aspects of Operational Asset Management and Strategic Asset Management. It is available for different technologies: desktop, web and even deployed locally as an intranet solution to overcome regulatory requirements.


C#, Silverlight, Telerik controls, OpenRIA Services (WCF RIA), Microsoft SQL Server, Entity Framework


Industry: Social network marketing

Based in Hollywood, CA, Speakr is one of the founders of and leaders in influencer marketing. They have been marrying technology and social psychographic data with highly creative content for the biggest brands, agencies, and publishers since 2010.

VTS created a full suite of products for Speakr, including a platform that houses over five years of actionable influencer and campaign data. This allows them to predict campaign performance at a near crystal ball level of accuracy. This bespoke software grants advertisers the same control, scalability, and predictability of traditional media buying. With unmatched innovation and award-winning campaign creation, 90% of all Speakr campaigns surpass client goals and KPI expectations. This empowers brands to ignite global conversations with the best content creators and trusted voices that are online today.

Additional details

VTS is proud to have been supporting the Speakr team in software development and network operations since 2010.


C#, Microsoft .NET Framework, ASP.NET WebForms, Microsoft SQL Server, Telerik products


Industry: Academical, pharmaceutical and healthcare industry

SRDB.PRO is the first enterprise-level systematic review and data analysis platform that has been designed specifically for the Pharmaceutical industry and healthcare consultancies.

We have created a truly comprehensive systematic review solution with SRDB.PRO. It is able to support all aspects of the systematic review process; from searches through to report generation. All of this functionality is possible from a single software platform.

Additional details

SRDB.PRO enhances productivity, increases accuracy and drives greater profitability by reducing the amount of time needed to manage and produce accurate reviews and secondary evidence.


C#, WCF, WPF, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enterprise (Database engine + Integration Services), Entity Framework, Telerik products, Integration with Microsoft Word and Excel


Industry: Software for electrical, gas, water and district heating grid networks

VTS created a mobile application for NEPLAN Asset Manager that exposes a small subset of the functionalities of the full application. This app supports field engineers performing maintenance and inspection works. It provides them with the key information that they need about the infrastructure around their current GPS position. We designed this to run on all major mobile platforms without any impact on performance.

Additional details

Platforms supported: iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8.1


Apache Cordova, HTML5, LESS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, AngularJS, Telerik Kendo UI


Industry: Museums

ATS Heritage is an experienced producer of audio guides, multimedia guides, smart-phone and tablet apps for Museums, Galleries and Heritage Sites across the UK. VTS was commissioned to deliver a bespoke CMS system that would manage the content delivered via custom built interactive devices. Those devices are connected to locally deployed micro servers in order to serve bespoke software content.

VTS knew that this CMS system needed to address the specific needs of the heritage sector. The system that we delivered enables users without any technical knowledge to design their own custom guide in a form of an app. They are then able to distribute it to all of the devices onsite via the CMS app builder. The bespoke system also gathers all information from the deployed devices and allows users to analyse detailed statistics of given Tour or Site.


HTML5, LESS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, AngularJS, C#, ASP.NET WebAPI OData, Microsoft SQL Server, Entity Framework

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